About Lexington Baptist Association


Lexington Baptist Association was organized at Florence Baptist Church October 10, 11, 12, 1877 with the following churches as members: Convent, Florence, New Hope, Samaria, Black Creek, New Prospect, Sandy Run, and Pine Grove. All of these, with the possible exception of one, came out of the Orangeburg Association.

The churches were established prior to the organization of the Lexington Association were: Old Lexington in 1813, Sandy Run (now Gaston First) in 1824, Providence in 1824, Convent in 1828, Sardis in 1835, Antioch in 1858, Florence in 1860, Samaria in 1871, Pine Grove in 1873, and Oak Grove in 1877. These churches were in fellowship with other associations during their early years: Edgefield, Edisto, Orangeburg, and perhaps others.

The first moderator was W.S. Mack, and the first clerk was A.R. Able. The first associational sermon was preached by Dr. I.D. Durham.

From this small beginning of about 500 members, the Association has grown until the 2008 minutes showed 35,634 members. Offerings have increased from $12.00 to $443,725. The number of churches has grown from eight to seventy-five churches and missions. Baptisms have increased from twenty-four to 1,011 during 2008. The association’s staff members are: Dr. Johnny Rumbough (Director of Missions), Rev. David Lee (Director of Lay Mobilization), Jamie Kelly (Director of Communications), Mrs. Kathy Hardenbrook (Ministry Assistant) and Kristin Fish (Ministry Assistant).

Through the years the Lord has greatly blessed the work of Baptists in the metro Lexington area. Within a 45-mile radius of our center is a population of more than one million people and the fields are white unto harvest. With the Lord’s help more churches will be organized and more people will be reached for Christ than ever before.

Originally Written by:
T.Earl Vaughn, Chairman
Centennial Committee
Year 1977

Updated by:
Johnny Rumbough, Director of Missions
Lexington Baptist Association
Year 2009