*Thank you to Rev. Chris DeWease from Lake Murray Baptist Church for the following information*

"The church shooting Sunday at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, TX is unfathomable. Sadly, violence happens in places of worship too frequently. These acts remind us that care and safety of the flock must be a priority in every house of worship. We will never be prepared to face such a tragedy, but this event demonstrates that it happens in rural, isolated, and unexpected settings. Our goal [as Pastors] is to provide a welcoming environment where we can share the Good News of Jesus Christ, while making sure our congregants are safe. Events like the mass shooting make the news, but churches face other crisis as well. Domestic violence at church, protecting minors, fire prevention, and medical emergencies must be part of any safety plan. I have pulled together some resources that I have found helpful in planning and preparing for emergency situations on our church campus. Please share this with other pastors and let me know if you have any questions."
*Contact your insurance carrier, and local law enforcement for other resources.
Training Resources: