Growing is an important part of life.

Spiritual growth doesn’t just happen. It is intentional and purposeful. That is true for individuals and that is true for churches. Though there are certain to be growing pains, there are also growing joys. God created us to grow.

How to Become a Disciple.

God wants you to grow spiritually. He wants you to make a personal decision to follow Him (Read More) and then live life growing more and more like Him.

John 17:17 “‘Come, be my disciples.’ Jesus said to him. So Matthew got up and followed him.”

T-4-T (Training for Trainers)

T-4-T: Training-for-Trainers is a key tool in making converts and rapidly reproducing disciples. It is widely used on the international mission field and is becoming an effective evangelism and discipleship tool for reaching the unchurched and growing them as leaders in missional communities.

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3DM is a movement to train disciples as Jesus did. It builds on the biblical principles of making and developing disciples as you live your life in its normal rhythm of day-to-day kinds of activities.

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Real Life Ministries (RLM)

Real Life Ministries is a strategy of making of disciples who reproduce using the small-group structure. Also being the name of the church where pastor Jim Putman founded and serves, RLM has grown to more than 1000 small group units and 9,000 people in average worship attendance.

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Simply the Story

Simply the Story is a tool to help Christians learn how to do inductive Bible study and apply the Word in their own lives. It can be learned and quickly reproduced.

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Intentional Church Multiplication Process (ICMP)

ICMP is an 8-12 month journey led by skilled and trained coaches designed to help churches reproduce healthy Christians, disciples and leaders who will transform their community and the world.

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