When disaster strikes, everything changes—everything. Families lose physical things—their homes, vehicles and prized possessions. Emotionally, fear can overwhelm them with no clarity on what to do. And spiritually, hope becomes the one thing they often lose most. We hope the resources below for building awareness, training and fundraising, will help the needs of a community during a crisis.

The first thing you can do is to PRAY.

Before storms ever hit, you can pray. We believe that the power of prayer is essential as God prepares to use a storm that he controls to bring people to salvation through Jesus Christ. We see it in every storm. In the middle of the destruction are stories of faith and hope, people who have responded to the gospel while hovering over their destroyed possessions.

You can download the NAMB Send Relief Prayer Guide here.




We want to connect you to opportunities to serve that meet physical needs while providing channels for sharing Jesus with hurting people. We want to connect you with roles that primarily require one thing: your commitment. Working in recovery zones is not easy, but God will inevitably use you in a way you never imagined.

If you or your team would like to work hands-on with a Disaster Relief Team, please call David Lee at (803) 356-2543 or email him at LBA@MyLBA.org



Is your church ready?

Hundreds of disasters take place every year across North America. These disasters can range from mudslides, floods, earthquakes, tornados, fires and more. What was seemingly a normal day moments before can quickly deteriorate into a crisis. The best way to get ahead of “this storm” is to be proactive and not simply reactive. Crisis reactions and response times are better when preplanning takes place. Are you ready?

A disaster ready church is a church that has thought through the variables and weighed the implications of a disaster striking their community. Responding effectively during a time of crisis is a critical piece in providing for your local community, earning their trust and supporting new and old relationships. We have an intentional way to bring hope to what can quickly become a hopeless situation. Through focused effort and coordination, people and churches are coming together to help care for people in crisis.


* Develop a Church Preparedness Plan

* Prepare Emergency Survival Kits

* Investigate ways your church can be a shelter, point of distribution, or volunteer coordination center.



Send Relief Crisis Response Buckets contain necessities to equip families impacted by disasters. Each bucket contains heavy duty cleaning supplies, protection, and tools for addressing the physical impact on a property resulting from water or wind damage. The buckets serve a second purpose as a storage vehicle for valuables. Buckets are also easily distributable and durable.

The reality is that we know a disaster will happen. We like to be prepared to respond as quickly as possible, and Crisis Response Buckets are one of the most impactful ways we can. Each bucket costs approximately $50, so your generosity will allow Send Relief to maximize the number of families that can receive this valuable tools when they need them most.



 Coming Soon! Please check back at a later date...



The needs are great, and resources are stretched. The impact of one storm alone is enough to place a demand on any relief organization. Your sacrificial giving will provide us the flexibility to meet the greatest need in the impacted regions.

To send a check by mail, please mail it to 255 Two Notch Rd, Lexington, SC 29073 and make a note to us it is for "RELIEF"

We are also available to take payments with a card in person or over the phone. Please contact Jamie Kelly at (803) 356-2543.

Please call us with any questions at (803) 356-2543 or email us at LBA@MyLBA.org


We are requesting these items BY CASE ONLY for the Storm & Hurricane Relief Efforts:

Food Items:

Non-perishable food (case only)

Bottled water (case only)


Baby Supplies:

Baby Formula (case only)

Baby Food (case only)

Baby Wipes (case only)

Baby Diapers (case only)

Diaper cream (case only)



(Visa and MasterCard in particular)

Many victims are unable to work and they can use the Gift Cards to purchase gas and other items that the shelter does not provide. The gift cards are also shared with Directors of Missions as they help meet the disaster relief needs of their pastors.

Important Message

Loose. single (less than a case), or unused items listed above will be donated to one of LBA's Crisis Ministry Centers. Relief funds collected will be used for one LBA's Six Relief Ministries.


(Some information provided by NAMB and sendrelief.org)